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Mr. Latino Article-Click on image below for link



"There’s something just a little bit more enticing and universally compelling about Castillo’s non-melodramatic interpretation that makes us feel akin to the bipolar Manrique."      


La Guapa Review

"The film intrigues all over the place."       


Se Fija Interview    


Confession of a Gangster Review

"It manages to frame a common crime story with characters that are more than just stereotype cut-outs."

Interview: Filmmaker Kenneth Castillo talks 'Gangster' for Reel Rasquache Fest

Review: Depth And Pacing Makes 'Confessions Of A Gangster' A Standout -

Kenneth is being honored with the Trailblazer Award at this year's Reel Rasquache Film Festival. Click below for more info or visit

Get your tickets to this wonderful event and join us for the closing night screening of COUNTERPUNCH.    

2013 RRAFF Trailblazer Award: KENNETH CASTILLO

This writer/director is doing it his way…we’ll have more on Kenneth soon. In the meantime, check out a teaser of his latest project, “Counterpunch” (Danny Trejo, Steven Bauer, Alvaro Orlando, Oscar Torre, Ivonne Coll, Yeniffer Behrens), which is available on DVD.

Production has begun on"La Guapa"

At one of the many locations throughout

Los Angeles

With the cast and crew of "La Guapa" the latest installment of Drive-by Chronicles

Kenneth was interviewed by Herald De Paris. Click on the link for the interview.

Look for COUNTERPUNCH at Redbox, Target and Netflix.

COUNTERPUNCH screened at a full house at the Downtown Independent

 The crowd patiently waiting.

Q & A with cast


Check out Kenneth today on LatiNation! Channel 9 at 4pm in Los Angeles.

11/2/12- Cholo Chaplin screened at El Velorio. 1400 people attended the wonderful event for a wonderful cause. Until next year!

9/18/12- DBC 5 coming soon!

Kenneth will be filming the 5th installment of DBC in February 2013. More news to come.

9/13/12-ELAFF 2012

Imagen award winning "A Day at the Theatre" and Imagen nominated "Rusted Chrome" were screened at the East Los Angeles Film Festival presented by TelaSofa. Here's Kenneth receiving an award for the Best 24 frames in the festival.

Kenneth Castillo and festival director Juan Escobedo

9/1/12- LATV screens DBC

Drive-By chronicles will be coming to a TV near you. Kenneth's Urban Latino feature film trilogy and crime thriller will be showing on LATV across the country beginning Nov. 1st. Stay tuned for listings.

7/12- Imagen Awards 2012

Encounters web series and the Episode "Rusted Chrome" were nominated for a 2012 Imagen Award

Reel Rasquache Film Festival 2012

"Hearts of Men" screened at the Reel Rasquache film festival to a full house. The audience also got a sneak peek at the trailer for Counterpunch.

Kenneth Castillo and Jose Yenque

Some of the "Hearts of Men" cast


Kenneth was interviewed by Palacio Magazine and will be the cover story for the month of December


Kenny was interviewed by Se Fija! online magazine. To check out the interview go to the press page


Stay tuned for the red carpet screening of Kenneth Castillo's action thriller "Hearts of Men"


Click on the picture to see the you tube Behind the Scenes of Counterpunch Starring Danny Trejo, Stephen Bauer and Alvaro Orlando


Kenneth will be shooting "Counterpunch" in just a few short weeks. Stay tuned for behind the scenes pics and release date.

"The Nanny" has been nominated for a 2011 Imagen Award

ENCOUNTERS has been nominated for a 2011 Imagen award. Kenneth filmed 5 episodes in this new groundbreaking series.

The Red Carpet at the Imagen Awards 2011


Most recent article from Kenneth's old stomping grounds.

The Wilmington Wire: Wilmington Filmmaker Chats with the Wilmington Wire

for more articles go to the press page!


Check out this website to see 5 of Kenneth's webisodes in this wonderful series.

Encounters - An original web series


Cholo Chaplin made it to Walmart! Pick up your copy today.