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Marigold The Matador-FIRST LOOK

Marigold the Matador is Kenneth Castillo's 7th feature film and was shot in 7 days with 3 lead actors, 5 crew, 5 locations, and NO SCRIPT. Having completed production, Kenneth Castillo's production ...

La Guapa Trailer

This is the 6th feature film from writer/director Kenneth Castillo.

Official COUNTERPUNCH Trailer - 2013

On DVD January 15th!Based on a true story. A young boxer, Emilio, from the wrong side of the tracks with big dreams of winning the Golden Gloves boxing championship, finds himself at a cross roads ...

The Hearts of Men

The Hearts of Men is an action thriller set in the fictional border town of Nazareth. This is Kenneth Castillo's fourth feature.

Confession of A Gangster


Ghosttown trailer

Second feature film from Writer/ Director Kennth Castillo

Drive By Chronicles: Sidewayz (Trailer)